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Welcome to Inside Knowledge – the place to learn about preventing overwhelm, recovering from burn out and building resilience.  My podcast, blog and series of online courses are my offering to the world.

Inside Knowledge is a podcast about overcoming adversity, building greater resilience and creating a better life for yourself and those you love. Thanks for joining me on this journey of discovery as I talk to a new inspiring guest each week. Start listening to the podcast straight away via this link.  If you’d like to meet my wonderful guests you can find out more about them here.

You can also find blog posts, book reviews, online course reviews and anything else I can find that relates to building resilience via the links on this website.

My first two online courses are now available.  The first course Embodied Resilience – Breath and Body will introduce you to the power of the breath. You will experience what it feels like to move mindfully. You will start to know what it feels like to inhabit your body. By repeating the exercises you will become more embodied and that will strengthen your partnership with all your senses. By taking this new found sensitivity and combining it with what you will learn about your reactions to the exercises; you can begin to develop your own toolbox. In time you will be able to quickly scan your body, notice your state, and know what activity is required to return to a state of balance. By operating more and more from a state of balance you will experience a more harmonious way of life which will support your general health and well-being.  If would like to find out more use this link.  Embodied Resilience – Breath and Body

My second online course was released on the 1st of November 2018.  Embodied Resilience – Physical Well-being shows you how to nourish and take care of your body and achieve greater well being.  This in turn serves to support your resilience.  We introduce you to intuitive, mindful eating as well as covering the basics of a healthy diet.  We will help you to understand the foundations of a great exercise plan.  You will explore the full range of options available to you and choose a form of exercise that you love doing.  We will give you guidelines on achieving a great night’s sleep every night.  And finally we will resolve the confusion around hormones and their effect on your body and mind.  We will show you how to balance the main stress hormones and achieve greater energy, vitality and joy.  The course ends with a lovely guided meditation / visualisation which will help you achieve greater calm and confidence.  Explore the course curriculum via this link.  Embodied Resilience – Physical Wellbeing

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This journey began near the end of 2017 when I received the message that I needed to turn my weakness into strength.  I can’t remember the source of this message but it resonated strongly with me. One of these weaknesses, as I perceived it, was my inability to cope with stress.  This belief stems from my high school principal testimonial which read “Lyn needs to learn to cope with the stress of every day life” or words to that effect.  These words burned inside me for years.  I alternatively railed against them and embraced them – but most importantly I believed them.  And I believed that there was nothing I could do about it.  Despite my principal telling me I needed to “learn” this skill – no one at high school taught me this.  And no one close to me modeled healthy coping strategies either.  This is not a criticism – we’re all doing our best with what we know.  But combined with my naturally sensitive operating system – it was a recipe for disaster.  Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration, but I’ve certainly flirted with disaster many times.

Once I finally turned to face these words, and actually follow their advice, I very quickly stumbled upon the term resilience.  Like mindfulness, resilience is a word that is bandied about a lot these days.  So, I set out to make 2018 – the year of resilience.  I researched and learned as much as I could about the theories behind the word – this led to all sorts of modalities and therapies – including meditation, yoga, mindfulness, positive psychology, nutrition etc.

I started the Inside Knowledge Podcast – resulting in 48 episodes where I interviewed people about both their expertise and their lived experiences.  I have loved creating the podcast and I think it has added something valuable to the ongoing conversation.  I also hope that it has helped and uplifted people.  However, it fell short in teaching the tools of resilience.  This is a somewhat harsh criticism of the podcast because a 30-minute unscripted conversation – or series of conversations – was never going to be able to go deeply into the mechanics of the topic.

So, I set about creating a series of online courses which teach the foundations of resilience.  I’m pretty proud of what has been created and what continues to be created.  And I’m so grateful for those people – Lisa, Brigid, Yanina, Steph, Mandy and Jo – who have collaborated and helped me in this process.  I’m also grateful for the support of The Insiders – members of my various social media pages and groups (and some time listeners of my podcast).  The journey has been so much easier knowing I was not completely alone.

But this is only half the story.  2018 was also the year of resilience because it has been the year that I have tackled one very big historical event for me – being indecently assaulted back in December of 2005.  This wasn’t really a choice.  The return of symptoms of PTSD meant that I fell back on the help of the local Sexual Assault Support Services.  I was so fortunate to be assigned an initial crisis counselor who was wonderful and well versed in the use of mindfulness to reduce the trauma.  I have since been referred to and have been working with my wonderful counselor Rose for a number of months.  But this kind of work is hard.  It is sometimes traumatic.  I want to be able to come to terms with what happened and to be able to fully move forward.  I want, and need, to release a lot of the residual anger which serves no useful purpose.  I have been aided in this by the use of the many tools of resilience that I have learned this year – and I am very grateful for that.  In many ways I am using myself as the crash test dummy for my courses.

Then in early July of this year depression took me out of the running for two months.  Fortunately, I had back episodes of my podcast that I could release for the first five weeks.  But all development on my course came to a grinding halt.  Deadlines were missed – and I wasn’t sure that even after recovery I would be able to resurrect my work.  Fortunately, I have, and just three weeks into my recovery I was able to release my first course.  This feels like a victory of momentous proportions.  But it is a quiet victory.  Working alone from home means that there has been very little in the way of group celebrations.  Also I’ve set myself ambitious deadlines which means I have had to sit down and get straight back to work.

So that’s an outline of my year of resilience 2018.  It leaves a lot out – and so it should – Inside Knowledge is not all about me – in fact its not about me at all.  Inside Knowledge is my attempt to leave the world a slightly better place.  It is my attempt to create something good; something that hopefully will makes people’s lives just a little bit better.

And finally, because I asked it of most of my podcast guests, what is my personal definition of resilience?  Well, thank you for asking.  I’m not going to talk about bouncing back, or coping with challenge – because I’ve come to see that as the outcome of resilience – not the definition.  I think to define resilience you need to describe it in action – and that is about having the sensitivity and the self-knowledge, and dare I say it mindfulness, to be aware of your current state; and having and using skills and tools to be able to bring yourself back to a state of balance and wellbeing.  It is those skills and tools that I hope to teach now and into the future.


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  1. You write as if you are having a private conversation with your reader which is a rare and talented thing. Especially when discussing something so private and raw. I look forward to learning personal resilience with you Lyn and thank you for your strength.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you continue to enjoy exploring the website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any more information on what I can offer.

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