Embodied Resilience – Breath and Body

Feeling overwhelmed?  End each day exhausted and burned out?  Do you worry that your sensitivity is preventing you from living life to the full?  I can help.  Learn to harness your natural sensitivity so that it becomes an asset.  Develop simple and effective techniques and tools which will start working immediately.

Introducing … Embodied Resilience – Breath and Body.

Discover the power of the breath. Experience what it feels like to move mindfully. Learn what it means to inhabit your body. Develop your own tool box to support and build your innate resilience.

To explore the full range of topics please follow this link.


“I started (and completed) this course while experiencing a quite severe depression and feel it was instrumental in helping me on the road to recovery. I find the mindful movement sequence gentle but powerful and a great way to lead into yoga nidra.  I really enjoyed the yoga nidra meditation, and while I played this session at different times during the day, I found it particularly helpful when working with it first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. It also led me to delve more deeply into some of the practices which has been hugely beneficial. My thanks to Lyn for putting together an excellent course on resilience.”  Pat, New Zealand

“This yoga nidra based guided meditation is excellent.  I use it to help me relax and unwind.  It’s also a useful aid for encouraging sleep.  I use it almost daily.  I find it a valuable tool and I am grateful to have it available to me.”  Jon, New Zealand

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