Online Learning

My four online courses are available for enrollment at the special price of $20 each.

In our first course “Embodied Resilience – Breath and Body” we teach you how to become more grounded and increasingly attuned to your current state.  We do this by harnessing the innate wisdom of your body.  We then teach a set of tools which over time increase a sense of balance and well-being.

Resilience also requires you to have a good base line of general health in order to be more robust to stress. This is the focus of the course, “Embodied Resilience – Physical Well-being”.  It is important to nourish the body so it is as healthy as possible.  When our health is robust it serves to support our resilience.  The deliberate focus is on “how” rather than “what”.  We live in an information-rich age and it is relatively easy to find advice on healthy eating and exercise. However, even though we have this information it can still be difficult to follow through.  We will help you to identify and overcome these road blocks.  Once again we focus on self-awareness so you can develop practices that suit you.  It is important to learn what effect certain foods have on you and which forms of exercise you naturally enjoy.  The exploration material will help you to deepen your understanding.

It is also important to experience, savour and show gratitude for positive experiences and emotions. And we cover that in the course, “Embodied Resilience – Mental Well-being”.  We introduce you to the theories and studies that support Positive Psychology.  You have a chance to take tests and experiment with different ideas that have been developed within this field of study.  Finally, you have the chance to choose which of these tools you would like to make a part of your life so that you can experience the full range of emotions in a healthy and life affirming way.

We help you pull together everything you have learned, all the tools, and turn it into a daily practice and we do that in this final course, “Embodied Resilience – The Journey Ahead”. We teach you how to harness the tools and shape them to fit your life.  We teach you how to develop a regular sustainable practice so your sense of resilience continues to grow.  And ultimately we show you how to enhance your well-being and operate from a place of balance.  But before we do that we explore our personal relationship with nature.  Through discussion and experiential learning we will become to see our identity as nature and achieve a deeper sense of belonging and groundedness.  This forms a solid foundation on which to develop our personal practice of building resilience on a daily basis.