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The Path of an Athlete – Lisa Tamati


Please don’t fall about laughing if you don’t think I’m not athletic enough for this course.  The point is we need to think like an athlete.  Many of the techniques used in high performance sport are applicable in all areas of our lives.  Although Lisa is famous for running ultra-marathons and offers running coaching, this course is purely about developing the right mindset.  It is an invaluable course if you are at the point in your life when you realise the “softly softly” approach isn’t working for you.  Watching documentaries of Lisa facing massive challenges in her running made me want to reach further and do something that scares me a little.  Don’t be surprised if the next you hear I am somewhere in the middle of the Gobi Desert running my little heart out.  Actually do be surprised because even though Lisa prides herself of being an ulta-marathon “pusher” I am more likely to be seen trotting safely around the confines of my neighbourhood.  I did pick up lots of great advice and the fantastic thing is there is only one payment and access for life.  I’m about to go through and review the course at a more leisurely pace.  I raced through the course as I wanted to complete it in time for my podcast interview with Lisa last Friday.  Look for her upcoming interview in May – you are going to love it!

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How Media Got Social – Curtin University


Another online platform for university level learning is Edex.  Like Coursera, you can find programmes hosted by top universities from all around the world.  I took this course via Curtin University because I find myself working in a completely online world.  I also find myself inhabiting and using social media as my predominant form of communication.  I loved this course.  It gave a very brief introduction to the history of “The Web” and then went on to talk about the different social media platforms.  It was amusing to read about the year 2000 and have it discussed as distant history.  The Internet is so young!  I would recommend this course to anyone who spends a lot of time online and would like to explore a bit more deeply the sociology behind this pervasive technology.

You Tube Introduction

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The Resilience Institute


I have just completed an online course led by Sven Hansen.  I discovered their website because it was one of the most popular websites about resilience according to Google.  It was certainly a very thorough course – it took me a little over a week to complete.  I feel that I got a good grounding in the basic requirements in order to become more resilient.  Topics covered included nutrition, sleep, exercise etc.  It also talks about when you are very low down the scale and what to do about it.  At the end of the course it also covered peak performance and “flow” states.  It is very clear that Sven knows what he is talking about.  He is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced.  At times his delivery seemed a little stern.  It was all very earnest and serious; I prefer some lightheartedness when I am learning.  I had some difficultly navigating the course and my question about this went unanswered.  The course cost about $150 NZ and I think I obtained value for money.  Saying that I have just downloaded Sven’s ebook on the same subject for about $3 US so it will be interesting to see if it covers everything in the course.  If it does that would obviously be your best option.  I’ll read the book over the next week or so and post a book review so you can compare the two.

The Resilience Institute Website

De-Mystifying Mindfulness – You Tube Introduction


This is a fantastic introductory course to Mindfulness.  It is both an in depth discussion of the origins of Mindfulness as well as providing a experimental laboratory where you can practice and reflect upon different forms of meditation.  If you are the sort of person who likes to consider things deeply before diving in – this is the course for you.  It may also answer concerns you may have about whether this is a religious or a scientific practice.  However if you are the sort of person who likes to dive in quickly then I recommend something like the Headspace app.  You could always use Headspace as an introduction and a practical guide and then take this course if or when your interest deepens.  I have taken many course via the Coursera platform since its inception and I love it.

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