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Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind

Oh no, I’ve found yet another mindfulness app and it is also very good!  I think it might be time to explore and compare my three current apps and see how they differ and where they are the same.

Mindspace was the first app I added to my phone.  I find it an excellent way to understand meditation (lots of great animated guides), I like Andy’s British accent (shallow I know), and it helped me greatly to develop a regular mindfulness practice.  It also helped me to take mindfulness into my every day life rather than just using it on the mat for 10 minutes a day.

Stop, Breathe and Think includes the concept of checking in with how you are and gives you a list of choices to help you improve your mood.  I don’t love the voice as much as Andy’s and this seems to have a big effect on me as their voice essentially becomes my inner voice.  Much the same way that an in car navigation voice can decide whether you have a pleasant journey or spend much of swearing – the voice seems to be a big link as to whether you can quickly fall into a meditative state.

Then I found Smiling Mind.  An Australia accent but a nice one.  This app also checks in with how you are but it also graphs your mood before and after meditation and over time.  I really like the choices of mindfulness exercises too.  This is currently my favourite go-to app but time will tell if it is more to do with its freshness or whether it will be a lasting relationship.  There is probably nothing wrong with using a couple of apps if they meet your needs in different ways.  Much the same way as I recommend reading more than one book on the subject; trying out more than one app deepens and enhances your understanding rather than detracts from it.

The most important thing is that the app supports your practice and enhances your life in a positive way.  And of course the dulcet tones of the narrator lull you into a state of transcendence.

Stop, Breathe and Think


This app was recommended to me by my counselor and I love it.  My first love when it comes to meditation will always be Headspace.  Andy will always be the voice inside my head when I meditate but this app is brilliant.  You start by going within and finding out how you are feeling physically and emotionally.  The app will then recommend a menu of meditation, mindfulness and breathing sessions based on your current state.  You can also pick from a menu of different meditations if you want to focus on a particular area.  I’m going to plug myself in and take a mindful walk this morning.  My counselor recommended the three minute meditations in an emotional emergency.  You can go to the bathroom, put the toilet seat down, plug in your headphones and take a quick reset.  It is like rescue remedy.  She also recommended a dose of three sessions a day for 10 days; much like a course of antibiotics.  I love Headspace because it explains meditation in a way that is very accessible but this app is great because of the variety of different approaches to achieving equanimity.  In an ideal world you would have both apps on your phone.  And like all the best things in life – it is free.

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