My school testimonial read “Lyn needs to learn how to cope with the stress of every day life.” No one at school had ever taught me how to do this.  No one had ever modeled this ability to me; not in a healthy way anyway.

I had experienced episodes of depression up to three times a year since the age of 14. My frequent depressions had created gaps in my learning which were really starting to have an impact. By the time I reached my final year of high school I could no longer get by using my natural intelligence. I couldn’t cope and after failing my mid year exams miserably I left without graduating.

This testimonial haunted me for years. It felt like a burning injustice. 25 years later (2018) I decided to face up to it and follow the advice given to me at the time. I went and found out how to cope with stress. I explored everything I could about resilience and talked to as many people as I could about the subject. The Inside Knowledge podcast follows my journey to “learn how to cope with the stress of every day life.” I invite you to join me on this journey.  You can listen to the podcast here.

I have now taken everything I learned from my podcast guests and created a series of courses called Embodied Resilience.  Taken separately or together they include gentle but powerful exercises that will help you recover, recharge and take on each new day with energy and enthusiasm.  You will be supported on your journey by my amazing guest experts – specialists in yoga, nutrition, exercise, hormones, sleep and positive psychology. You will learn the theory and then put that theory into action as I guide you through a series of experiments and adventures.  Finally I will show you how to take all this newfound knowledge and create an unbreakable daily practice of building resilience.

Explore the full curriculum here.

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