When I left school my testimonial said “Lyn needs to learn how to cope with the stress of every day life.” No one had ever modeled this ability to me; not in a healthy way anyway. Certainly no one at school had ever taught me how to do this.

I had experienced episodes of depression up to three times a year since the age of 14. By my final year at high school I was the secretary of the Student Council, I was the Student Representative on the Board of Trustees, I was studying 7 subjects, I had a part time job starting at 6 am every morning stuffing frozen chickens, and I was also endeavouring to fit in a social life. In addition my frequent depressions had created gaps in my learning which were really starting to have an impact. I could no longer get by using my natural intelligence. I couldn’t cope and after failing my mid year exams miserably I left without graduating.

This testimonial haunted me for years. It feel like a burning injustice. 25 years later I’ve decided to face up to it and follow the advice given to me at the time. I am going to go out and find out how to cope with stress. I am going to explore everything I can about resilience and talk to as many people as I can about the subject. This podcast follows my journey to “learn how to cope with the stress of every day life.” I invite you to join me on this journey. Listen to the Podcast